Alaska Football Club Premier Travel Teams

Formed in 2008, AKFC was created to offer an additional competitive outlet for the Alaskan premier soccer player, by providing innovative, advanced training opportunities in a professional atmosphere, stressing our core belief in the development of the individual player, and by promoting tournament match play in the most challenging environments.


Additionally, the mission of AKFC is to promote the game of soccer by providing the highest possible level of technical and tactical training, individual skill development, competitive team and tournament play, and to provide Alaska’s most highly-skilled and capable players with an opportunity to further excel in the sport. All AKFC squads receive Coerver® advanced team training, and by focusing on the development needs of the individual, concentrating only on the premier player and premier competition, AKFC trainers can ensure each player receives the appropriate training, tailored to his or her individual stage of development.

A member of US Club Soccer, AKFC is operated by the directors of Matanuska Soccer Club but accepts and encourages cooperation between all of Alaska’s premier soccer clubs. Our teams are intended to both further develop and showcase the talents of the state’s best young soccer players by placing them in an environment of consistent competition, where the highest standards of commitment and performance are expected.

Lastly, AKFC teams represent the pinnacle of premier soccer in Alaska and only compete in tournaments outside the state. These include the best tournaments both within our region (Surf, Nomads, NHB Cup, US Club Regional play, etc.) and nationally (Disney Showcase, Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup).

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