MSC Training Staff

Coaching / Technical Director

Troy Letherman
Since joining Matanuska Soccer Club in 2006, Troy Letherman has been an integral part of the club’s development programs, establishing the MSCAcademy and associated individual-skill programs in 2007, directing academy training programs for players from U6 through the highschool levels and serving as head coach of the United 98, 03 boys, and Polaris 96, 02, 03 Girls age-divisions. He holds a USSF D license and NSCAA National Diploma, as well as additional credentials from UEFA and the KNVB.



Boys Division Director

Rob Sande
Having been involved in youth soccer throughout the Matanuska-Susitna Valley for more than ten years, including time spent as a coach for both recreational and competitive teams, Rob Sande has recently assumed a leadership role within MSC’s revamped academy program for pre-competitive players. As a key contributor to the club’s many development programs, including goalkeeper training, Rob is ideally suited to take on the task of educating volunteer coaches, parents and players, while providing solid foundation-training for the MSC Premier players of tomorrow.  


Girls Division Director

Sam Johnstone
A coach with MSC for over two years, Sam Johnstone splits his time between the Polaris 03 girls, and the United 00 boys. He also helps with the MSCYouthDevelopmentAcademy, where he is responsible for instilling a foundation of individual soccer skills and fostering a love of the game for all of the club’s pre-competitive players. Sam currently holds a USSF E and NSCAA Junior Level V coaching license.



Staff Coaching Pool
Dan Jenkins
After seven years spent coaching recreational soccer in the Valley, Dan Jenkins began with Matanuska Soccer Club in 2006, and since that time has served as the head coach of the Polaris 97 girls, as well as assisting with many of the club’s academy training sessions and other development programs. He has played competitively for the past 31 years, including 4 years with RegisUniversity (NCAA Division II), and currently holds licensing from the USS. Dan also serves as a Coerver Coaching trainer. 


Staff Coaching Pool
Andre Krozel




Director of Coaching

TR Stoneback
Seattle, WA, resident TR Stoneback has been providing Coerver® Coaching programs for players, teams, clubs, and associations in the Northwest since 1995. He believes that the Coerver® method should be a part of every youth player’s development no matter his or her skill level or ability. Over the years he has worked with a number of talented young athletes, many whom have gone on to play at the collegiate and professional levels. He’s also trained several players who’ve represented the United States at the youth- and senior-National Team levels.


Team Coaches: MSC Premier Boys

MSC United 04/05/06

Head Coach: Tentatively Rob Sande(Contact him for Information)(aksande@mtaonline.net)

MSC United 03

Head Coach:  Troy Letherman (Letherman@gci.net)

Managers: Kym McMullen (kdnmg@mtaonline.net) & Felicia Brusatto (bluebell918@gci.net)

MSC United 01/02

Head Coach: Andre Krozel (akrozel@yahoo.com)

MSC United 99/00
Head Coach: Sam Johnstone (amjohnstone@gci.net)

Manager:  Ann Marie Johnstone (amjohnstone@gci.net)

MSC United 98
Head Coach: Troy Letherman (Letherman@gci.net)

Manager: Michelle Sande (aksande@mtaonline.net)

MSC United 96

For information, please contact Ann Marie Johnstone (amjohnstone@gci.net)

Team Coaches: MSC Premier Girls

MSC Polaris 04/05/06

Coaches: Stephen Nowers (stephen.nowers@gmail.com), Nate Whitted (cam_ak00@hotmail.com), Jeff Miller (millermo@mtaonline.net)

Managers: Kristel Whitted (cam_ak00@hotmail.com), Monica Miller (millermo@mtaonline.net)

MSC Polaris 03
Head Coach: Tryot Letherman (Letherman@gci.net)

Manager: Ann Marie Johnstone (amjohnstone@gci.net)

MSC Polaris 02
Head Coach: Troy Leatherman (Letherman@gci.net)

Manager: Lynn Hoover (lmhoover@gci.net)

MSC Polaris 00/01
Head Coach: Troy Letherman (Letherman@gci.net)

Manager: Angie Summers (ak.summersa@gci.net)

MSC Polaris 98/99
Head Coach: Dan Jenkins (djenkfam@yahoo.com)

Manager: Yvonne Ruth (ruthyv@mtaonline.net)

MSC Polaris 96
Head Coach: Troy Letherman (Letherman@gci.net)

Coach: Sam Johnstone (amjohnstone@gci.net) & Dan Jenkins (djenkfam@yahoo.com)

Manager: Ann Marie Johnston (amjohnstone@gci.net)



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