MSC Goalkeeping Academy

The new MSC Goalkeeper Academy endeavors to provide advanced, individually-detailed training to the club’s keepers, who will work with an MSC goalkeeping coach on topics relevant to their level of experience. The program consists of a series of clinics designed to lead keepers through the progression of skills and techniques necessary for playing the position at the highest level.  These clinics will take place on at least a monthly basis, plus additional, team-specific sessions as scheduled. There will be five distinct types of standard training available, with enrollment dependent upon the experience level of the individual keeper:

  • Diving Techniques 1 - Specialized training on low, mid-range, frontward and backward dives. Players who have perfected this skill can utilize the progressions taught in the clinic as regular training to improve dexterity and reflexes.
  • Diving Techniques 2 - Specialized training in high dives. Because it is important for young players to learn proper technique to avoid potential injury and because the techniques take much practice to perfect, this clinic will be offered once a month. (NOTE: Players may not enroll in Diving Techniques 2 until they have completed the Diving Techniques 1 clinic.)
  • Positioning and Reflex Development - This clinic will focus on the fundamentals of cutting angles to minimize scoring opportunities for shots on goal and breakaways.  Players will learn how to position themselves before an opponent takes shots on goal, how to approach breakaways from an opposing attacker and how to set up defensive walls on set-plays.
  • Corner Kick Clinic - This clinic will be devoted entirely to defending corner kicks.  Players will learn how to position themselves in the goal during a corner kick, how to apply the lessons of Diving Techniques 1 to a corner kick, and when and how to defend a cross from a corner kick. Goalkeepers will learn to exhibit a level of assertiveness and control.
  • Fundamentals of Goalkeeping – While particular topics will vary monthly, the training agendas for these clinics will incorporate different methods and techniques of goalkeeping and present the information at a level for players of all ages and experience.  Elementary goalkeeping methods such as proper catching and distribution (i.e. proper throwing techniques) will be offered in this clinic, along with other drills for building reflexes, dexterity and assertiveness. 

Also offered through the Goalkeeping Academy is a coaches’ consultation on club goaltending style and techniques, methods, and strategies.  This will include recommended drills for coaches to use at practice and before games. Besides adding to our coaches’ reservoir of knowledge, these clinics are designed to reinforce our philosophy of consistency-through-training, which is crucial to developing keepers of the highest quality throughout the club.




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